Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC)

Not all students will submit documentation through IDOC. If you need to submit documents, College Board will email you and you can log in at that time.

Submit and Track Documents

With IDOC, you submit your financial aid documents online and College Board provides them to all of your IDOC schools automatically. After you've been notified, you can log in to IDOC, view deadlines, upload required financial aid documents, and track submitted documents.


Before You Start

Upload Documents

You will likely be asked to upload tax returns, W-2 forms, and other financial aid documents for yourself and all of your parents. Parent documents are uploaded by following the same process as the student.

Family Information

Make sure your family information is correct. This is important to prevent processing delays. Before you upload any documents, we'll ask you to verify your family information.


To make sure your documents will be considered on time, submit your required documents by midnight Eastern Time of your earliest deadline. Your required documents and school deadlines are provided on your IDOC dashboard after signing in.

Signed Forms

Most financial aid forms completed with IDOC can be signed electronically. View the instructions for more information on electronic signatures. In some cases you’ll be required to print and sign a financial aid form, so you may need access to a printer.


IDOC is a service that collects family financial documents and distributes them to institutions on behalf of the student. We've built an interactive presentation to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use IDOC. View the presentation in a new window as you go through these steps in real time.


Have a question or need help with signing in?

Chat live or speak by phone with one of our representatives.

For Higher Education Professionals

Find resources, benefits, and more information on IDOC on our Education Professionals site.