Information for Parents

Learn more about completing the CSS Profile as a parent and creating an account as a divorced, separated, or noncustodial parent.

Creating an Account for Parent Use

To complete a CSS Profile application as a parent, it is recommended that you use your student’s College Board account. There are situations in which a parent will need to create their own account.

Noncustodial Parents Accounts

Most Common: If you are a noncustodial parent, you will need to create a College Board student account using your (the parent’s) information.

Other Parent Accounts

If you are the primary parent and do not want to share financial information on your student’s account, you may create a separate College Board student account using your (the parent’s) information.

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Parent Account Creation - Step-by-Step

Learn more about creating a separate parent account with our step-by-step guide.

Double Check

Double-check and confirm that the student is applying to any institution that requires the CSS Profile for noncustodial parents. Typically, only parents completing the noncustodial CSS Profile should create a separate account. A list of participating institutions is available online.

Participating Institutions

Sign In

Visit the home page of Click the "Sign In to" button on the home page for the appropriate application award year.

Create Account

Click "Create Account" under "Don’t have an account?"

Parent Information

Create your account using your (the parent’s) information, not the student’s information. The biggest source of confusion for parents is creating their own account using the student’s information. Once you have created your account and are completing the CSS Profile, be careful to answer student sections with the student’s information and parent sections with the parent’s information.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions from parents or from students regarding the parent application.

How do I know if CSS Profile is required from both of my parents?

Some colleges require both of your parents—your custodial parent and your noncustodial parent—to complete separate applications. Review our list of participating colleges and check your college’s financial aid website for more info.

Participating Institutions

What if my parents are divorced/separated?

If your parents are divorced or separated, you will be asked on the application who provides the majority of your financial support. Typically, the primary custodial parent provides more than half of the student’s financial support. 

Financial Support FAQ

What if I do not have contact with my noncustodial parent?

A noncustodial parent is typically the parent the student did not live with most of the time during the past year. A CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent is available to provide to colleges. Each college will look at your waiver request and determine if they will waive this requirement.

Waiver Request for Noncustodial Parents